Finally.... last...after 2 days of thinking and thinking...and thinking...i've decided to go to the interview with one of the recruitment agency which representing one big organisation in Malaysia in order to find their employees. Why i'm taking 2 days??Yup..only two days for me to decide whether I want to attend the interview or not...because it will be held at Bangsar..argh...need to get away again...but not for leisure..just for the interview. They called me on Friday to inform that i have been shortlisted to attend the interview on the next Monday.Aiiyaaa..

Based from the last entry, I told u guys about where we go after the convocation of my bro'r going to Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Halim, Kepala Batas to purchase the tickets for the next day. Actually, I planned to buy Air Asia ticket because it seems like cheaper than fireflyz and of course than MAS. Plus, I just called fireflyz careline asking about the price, and the price that the worker said to me is expensive...for low cost airline.

But then, Air Asia counter was closed...then, our only chance to purchase the ticket at that time is through fireflyz counter.But we need to wait for almost 5 to 10 minutes because people in-charge is not there. After the counter's open, I ask him which is the person in charge about the availability of the ticket on Monday and the price. I was shocked because the price is cheaper than what girl or woman on the phone told me.not really cheap but less than rm200..consider ok la coz i bought it in a short notice.

After all the process done, we went to one stall or restaurant..not sure to eat nasi kandar..quite tasty...managed to finish it by myself...coz ..u know...they always put nasi kandar in a big portion...but i ask to give me only half of the mum n my tok cant finish it anymore coz they r full...erk..

weird..coz at the board it said nasi lemak..but then, it is nasi kandar..hmm...


ouch...i'm so hungry now..uhuk (not having lunch yet)

my lil bro n my tok..peace~


We went home and felt so tired.After took a bathe...I'm going to my bed and zzzZZZZZZZZzzz...

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