Iphone 4...just launch but they reveal the bad side of it...

Salam and good night everyone

How are you today?Me? Not so good but just fine.Do you still remember my entry about Iphone 4?While I'm blogwalking, i just found 1blog and the writer just discussed about the bad side of it. How do i said...ermm...from what i read, my friend has told me and now, i understood that this handphone is so sensitive. The capacitive of the screen is so incredible, yet the screen is stunning, the design is so cool but on the other side, if you are using iphone4, you will facing this problem. 

This one was told by my friend--->The problem is, while you talking on the phone with your parents, girlfriend or boyfriend, suddenly it will ended you call. It will occur because you touch the end-called button accidentally (something like that, i dont really understand well when he told me). I guess maybe because of the sensitivity of the screen.

And the other problem, you can refer nabil potter or read by yourself at Apple's website. The 2nd problem is wireless interruption. User will facing this because the way you hold your phone or known as 'pegangan maut'? comment for that. But luckily, user that buying iphone4 before 30th September will get free bumpers as a protection when you hold your handphone and it turns out that not only iphone4, but iphone 3g also facing the same problem. Actually, most of the smartphone will have this problem. Its just how you managed and how you take care of your phone itself. To read more, read this and Apple's website.

Ok..its 12:48 AM. I should get some sleep. Tomorrow is working day *sigh.

Nite folks and love you (^_^)

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