Arabic dessert : Bassbousa

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

*This is draft entry from 2012, i think. I should post it now :p

Do you know Bassbousa?

It is an Arabic dessert.

Source : Google


On top of that is sugar's syrup or honey, sorry, I forgot already. 
*Right now I'm started to craving this dessert. Oh no!

I'm not sure the exact spelling but when I google-ed, this spelling appear.
The taste is super delicious (depends who makes it ;p). Seriously sedap!!!

I had a chance to taste it  for the first time (as far as i can remember) during my Umrah on March 2012 when my family and I paid a visit to our relatives (I called her Tokcik) who lived in Mecca. But this time, during my Umrah on last December, my aunts (Tokcik has many daughters) did not served that kind of dessert. I forgot the name of the dessert but its just like a carrot cake but of course not a carrot cake. I dont know whether I have the picture of it or not because you know the culture over there, they are not simply give permission to snap a picture especially when there are women among them. Even tokcik herself was hardly say yes when we want to snap her picture with my grandmother. But after have been persuaded, she finally said yes.

*I just found out that one of tokcik's daughter is a culinary teacher. Hmm..No wonder!

Oh, the dessert was introduced by my cousin, distance cousin actually because she was studied in UIAM and UIAM was surrounded by many Arabian so of course she knows better.

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  1. first time dgr dan belum pernah makan...sedih x?