::Motivation and Team Building @Desaru, Johor::

For the last few colleagues n I went to Johor for our working trip...leisure and fun...not to forget...working at the same time.Actually, we have motivation and team building over there, so its kind of interesting...but the uninteresting part is...we have to sit in the bus for 18 hours...very tired...well, the motivation session was very good+great...our motivator is Ustaz Mazlan..if i'm not mistaken, he was "anak didik" of Prof Dr. Fadzillah Kamsah. Our well-known motivator in Malaysia...i bet most of Malaysian know are some pictures..for sure...picture of izma n i will be more than with anyone else..hehe...

in the bus~going to watch the fireflies

need to wear life jacket...but it stinks...erkk...

our breakfast...


mee with mee bandung or mee kuah.not sure..;p

our many inputs through his 'ceramah'..though it was great n fun.

Subhanallah..the view is so nice...

before check-out

closing ceremony

my colleagues from kedah n perak~citakulab's geng

our group won the grand prize..;p

*Me with the board*

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