The Princess and the Pea...


Just read tale story for primary school's student...the title was

Princess and the makes me it the real

princess can be proved by using a pea?owh...forget to mention.ok..let me

sum-up the story.

It tells reader about there are a prince and a princess living in

separate countries and they never meet.Both of their parents are worried

because they refused to get married until they meet someone that is not

to vain..too ugly...even though after 1 huge

ceremony in order for them to search their soul mate.Yet, they was not

satisfied until the princess told her parents, the king and queen that

she want to travel all over the country and other order to

find her love the arm guards, they travel from 1 country

to another country.But the princess still did'nt find her soul

mate.Until they were robbed in dark forest.Here, she lost everything and

lucky for her, she escape from the robbers.Then she found 1castle where

the prince live with his parents.The king and queen (prince's parents)

doesnt believe that she is the real princess until she put a pea under

the mattress where the princess use to sleep.bla...bla...finally, it

proved...she is the real using the PEA??is it?Really??

pst:really confused...hmm...

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