Dapat Award!

Yeayyyyy (lompat-lompat sikit).....first award...alhamdulillah...owh...saya sangat teruja sebab ini award saya yang pertama....sob..sob...terharu nih....:')..alamak...tlgla...jakun sikit..

Actually tak perasan pun ada someone leave a message kt shoutbox tu psl award ni sebab kena scroll ke bawah dulu.saja je tergerak hati nak scroll ke bawah...owh..hepi..dapat tag dari kak anne

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and the link of the person
Thank you so much for giving me this award.Even tho its just virtual award, i really appreciate it so much...a million thanx to kak really means something to me coz it is my first award since i'm blogging more than a year..ahakz...lame kan...tapi mcm chipsmore je dulu..kjp update kjp malas....but now...memang semangat nak blog sentiasa meluap-luap even line internet macam siput ****.

2. Spread the award to 15 blogger who you like & you think their blogs are awesome
Alamak....kurang dr 15 boleh tak....;p...ini je yang saya fikir sekarang...blank jap ditambah dengan tenet yang slow yang Amat.

3. Tell 7 things about yourself

i. fanatic in pink much!
ii. my heart is very fragile to smile
iv.hate to cry but often crying (hate that so much)
v.very..very...hard to wake-up in the morning (haha...)
vi.loveeee shopping and travelling
vii.hate smokers coz if they are nearing me, its hard for me to breathe (sorry dude..if there are a smoker who read this, its just me.sorry for hating u)

ok..done for this tag.

3 orang nak bagi idea:

  1. thanx tag award utk amiey tau...

  2. hah? unt0k amiey ke fiz?
    hehehe.. tq fiz!!!~~ sayang fiz lebeh laa..