Weekends and Weddings!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi are guys? Tomorrow is.......weekend! So, what's your planning buddies?

I have so many plans and wedding to attend but maybe not all of them i could go. Times and distance so really cant do anything. T_T.

Oh, not to forget, tomorrow is one of our friends blogger's wedding day or kenduri because she and her spouse are already married only waiting for their 'kenduri'. I bet most of you know her right....

She is......the one and of the prettiest (is it spell right?not sure..haha) bloggers in town...

and the person that i mention earlier is.....

Khumaera.....sis...congratulation for your wedding. Thank you so much for sending the cards..Really appreciate. But as i mention earlier, time and distance...its hard for me to go there...Only  my happiness are with you...hehe.... those who get married this month, i wish you all...Happy Wedding dAy!....Congratulation for your big day....and pray for me too :p

4 orang nak bagi idea:

  1. alolooo..soo sweet..thanks dear..amin.. =)
    tape..fiz ingt kt sis pun dah cukup mgembirakn hati sis =) thank you dear..

  2. tahniah pd khumaera..semoga berbahagia ;)

  3. Untuk Khumaera, SElamat Pengantin baru