Dream Dome Home in Thailand

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Cuba tengok pics bawah ni.. so amazing

Imagine from this :

In just 6 weeks, Steve was able to create the home of his dreams.

The processes...

With a Thai friend's guidance, his son-in-law's masonry skills and a lot of work, the team made progress quickly.

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The extra details and furnishings of the home brought the cost up another $3,000.

To get this :

Not only does this dream home look cool, but the low-cost and quick building schedule is amazing.

 How beautiful and amazing is that right? Cantik sangat-sangat sangat. Owner rumah ni guna bahan terbuang (kot?) dalam proses pembinaan rumah ni. Bestnye kalau dapat rumah macam ni. Kecik pun takpe. =)

Credit from this website: Steve Areen Builds Perfect Dream Home in Thailand
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